Link to evidence of crimes: .../HMCS/_HMCS_CentralCriminalCourt_DVD_.iso

Link to evidence of crimes: HMCS/2013-04-20_SUNGARD_CENTRALCRIMINALCOURT

Link to evidence of crimes, starting from my request for judgement of crimes at SUNGARD & CAPITA & HMCS, in 2008 : HMCS/


Your language is restricted because of the facts and documented evidence
that employees of SUNGARD, CAPITA ,
Taylor Wessing LLP ,
Walker Morris LLP ,
Richard Slade LLP ,
the HMCS have not been arrested and judged for 7-10 years of criminal disregard of the criminal laws and the evidence in official UK's documents, which include: my P60 of SUNGARD, my P45 of SUNGARD, their P11D, documents of CAPITA and their legal duties as the Police and judges employed by the Royal Courts of Justice and other HMCS.

Evidence in DVD (link sent to the Police):
The criminal laws include:
Forgery of Specific items: passport cert., marriage cert., death cert.,
Theft Act,
Data Protection Act 1998,
breach of my copyrights,
breach of my contract of employment at SUNGARD via criminal forgery of my date of birth and breach of the Data Protection,
criminal usage of marriage certificate(s) as passport(s) and ID data,

Evidence CD-DVD, with the documents:
criminal breach of the Data Protection of employee(s) by SUNGARD, which is registered employer,
which had to be banned from accessing passport data of others and specific 'parenting' via (

robber-programmer Andrew Matchett (originally from Johannesburg in the South Africa),
robber-human resources Katie Whitear employed by SUNGARD and GKN Plc,
robber Marie Roberts (born Marie Law, by 'Witness statement of Katie Whitear' dated by robber Gemma Parker employed by Taylor Wessing LLP and, with office in Moscow),
robber-programmer Andrew Matchett (white male, South Africa), worked at SUNGARD several years, having had specific experience of managing human resources Katie Whitear, and/or Marian Honey, and/or Marie Law (became Robers during criminal usage of my named email box at SunGard:, [Lotus Notes mail server at SUNGARD was changed to Microsoft Exchange Server (MS Outlook), in October-November 2007]), and/or Emily Jefferson (specific business level of assessment of 'the Credit Cruch' during forgery of my documents => English used non-mathematical methods to gain Nobel prize(s) in any Economics), and/or Clare Birch (programmer, BMO and Wachovia banks, at least) for falsification of my date of birth with my National Insurance number of the UK (forgery and falsifications started at SUNGARD before the 12 September 2007, according to a letter dated 12 September 2007 received from Natalie Hand, pensions administrator at, SUNGARD's pension fund), etc.
Link to the scanned evidence of criminal actions done by employees of SunGard, CAPITA, Taylor Wessing LLP, Walker Morrs LLP, Richard Slade LLP, Tim Lawson-Cruttenden, robber Katie Whitear, robber Marie Roberts (was Marie Law, by her subordinate human resources Katie Whitear and robber Gemma Parker employed by Taylor Wessing LLP and, which I have reported to the FBI, the Interpol and other police services), corrupted HMCS
Evidence documents:
=> I am requesting increased criminal sentences for more than 10 years of the pervention the course of justice and illegal spread of their criminal genes outside of prison cells. .
The safest position to Katie Whitear, Marie Roberts (Law), Andrew Matchett, Peter Kneip, John Kosobucki, Dr Andy Williams, Gemma Parker, Tim Lawson-Cruttenden, Ben Williamson, Jodie Kennedy (Fisher), Marian Honey, Juerg Hunziker, some judges and solicitors of forgery of passports and ID data should be their graves or prisons.

26 февраля 2020 г.

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